Monday, 2 December 2019

Arduino Tutorial #11 : Simple Arduino Uno Shield For LCD Test

Arduino Tutorial #11:

Simple Arduino Uno Shield For LCD Test


          In this post, we shall see how can we can make a simple Arduino Uno shield to test HD44780 LCD. This shield can be used to test LCD 16x2 and as well as 20x4.

              The reason for me to develop this test jig is because as a hobbyist I always have an issue when it comes to checking the functionality of LCD. Before making this prototype, I have to make wiring using the breadboard in which it consumes more time. Hence I decided to build this test jig.

The circuit is designed using eagle cad. Unfortunately, I could not find the schematic file to share here. The connection for the LCD and Arduino are pretty much straight forward. One may refer to the readily available circuit in Google. Below are more pictures of the shield.

The front view of the board

The rear view of the board

Next, we shall see the shield in action. 

The image below shows the LCD 16x2 testing

And below is the test which I conducted using LCD 20x4.

Both of the test was successful.

A short demo video

Thank you.

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